C++ Free Compiler Updated to 10.2.3

by Apr 30, 2018

Embarcadero has had a free download of our C++ compiler and RTL (capable of making Win32 apps) for many years, going back into the Borland days. (In fact, Idera as a company likes providing free tools – check out some of the others here.) We aim to keep that free compiler up to date, and so we updated it from the frankly ancient classic "Borland" v5.5 compiler to the 10.2 Berlin compiler in July 2016.

I'm pleased to announce that we've just updated it again, with the compiler from 10.2.3 Tokyo. You can download it here!

This download includes:

  • Our Clang-enhanced compiler for Win32. Today's update has improved this further:
    • bcc32c, compatible with the classic compiler's command-line interface
    • New! bcc32x, the same compiler with a Clang command line interface
  • The Dinkumware STL
  • Our RTL
  • Miscellaneous command-line tools, such as the librarian (tlib), resource compiler, and others.

Is the Command-line Compiler Right for Me? 

This is just the command-line compiler and tools; it is not a full IDE.  You'll need a text editor to write programs.  It is suitable for building Win32 apps from scratch, such as a WinMain() application.

We hope it will be useful for students or anyone learning C++ or for teachers (but don't forget we have an academic license of the entire C++Builder product, plus our free Starter Edition

Download the free C++ compiler here!

About C++Builder

When you want to add the benefits of a fully featured IDE and toolchain, choose C++Builder for cross-platform development.  It includes compilers for Win32, Win64, iOS, Android, and macOS, as well as cross-platform database, enterprise, UI, and web frameworks. Use one codebase and one set of libraries. Design a UI once and specialize it natively per platform or per device, just like subclassing code. Accelerate your development: spend time coding, not struggling with the UI or the platform.

C++Builder comes with a FREE 30 Day Trial.