Delphi Blogs of the Month #60

by Jun 29, 2018

It has been a while, again, but I'm back with a collection of relevant and notable links of the recent weeks. All of these are interesting reads and worth checking in case you have missed them.

Official Embarcadero Updates

Idera Adds Web App Text Editing through Froala Acquisition at

Technical Blog Posts

Removing the Community toolbar by David at

Editor Views in RAD Studio by David at

Chet – A C Header Translator powered by Clang by Erik of Grijjy at

Using an IDE: Getting back to code faster by Mary helps us get back the the basics of why we us an IDE for our daily work:

​RAD Server Solution Series: [Field Service Application] by Sarina at

Using Apple’s Grand Central Dispatch and Android’s ScheduledThreadPoolExecutor for Delphi timers by Allen of Grijjy at

Targeting Android 8 and higher by (another) David at (this is an important and urgent area, we are working on this actively)

Open files in external apps from FireMonkey by Sergey at

Use the Source! by Jim at


Quite interesting: Delphi LeakCheck at

Tech Business

Interesting article on "Open source sustainability" by Tech Crunch at The topic is certainly debatable, but the article raises some interesting points. When multi-million dollar tech giants rely on open source and don't contribute to it, it is a sign things are out of control. Of course, that's not always the case.

Another strong and interesting article, Case Sensitivity is an Anti-Pattern by Chad at I'm not 100% convinced, as much as a like case insensitive languages 😉

Up to next month.