Delphi Blogs of the Month #61

by Aug 14, 2018

Embarcadero Updates

Embarcadero released Delphi Community Edition, a great step to get the product back to students and hobbyist with support for mobile platforms in a free edition, for non-prossional developers. The release has been very well received and had a large number of downloads, but we are asking all Delphi developers to spread the word. 

We have released an updated roadmap for RAD Studio,, along with a commentary blog post bby the PM team,

Official considerations about "Deadline Approaching: Google’s new Android API level 26 Requirements" by Sarina at

Technical Blog Posts

Along with the community edition, we have released a new set of articles to get started with it. I updated a similar set of article Pawel had written for the Starter edition, they are all linked form here: (there is also a C++ counterpart). My series starts at

Very nice post on "Some information about Embarcadero License Center" by Thomas at

Celebrating Five Amazing Years with Embarcadero by Jim at

Upload An Attachment To SalesForce With The Delphi 10.2 Tokyo Enterprise Connectors by Eli at

Free Field Service App Template Solution Quick Start Guide For Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows also by Eli at

An Unusual Video

This video is interesting just because it is a presentation of RAD Studio by a person outside of our community, to an audience new to the product:


High performance #Delphi  event driven component for parsing bitcoin and block-chain block files at​​

That's all for this round…​