Delphi Con T-5 Days!

by Nov 12, 2020

We are now only 5 days away from the start of DELPHICON 2020, and the line up is looking pretty cool! I also hear registration is pretty high too.

If you have not already registered, it’s free to do so and to pick the sessions you want to attend. Sign up now for DelphiCon2020

Below is a snapshot of what I’m looking forward to, and sessions to look out for!

Sessions to watch out for on Day 1! (17th Nov)

1) Opening Key note by Marco – The State of Delphi

I will definitely be attending Marco’s Opening keynote: The State of Delphi. I hear there could well be exciting product roadmap updates included in that session.

November 17, 2020, 3:00 pm GMT

2) Delphi Product Management and Architect Panel

For those who remember BorCon conferences in the late 90’s early 2000’s you might remember the “meet the team” sessions. This was a chance to hear first hand from those designing and developing and building the tools we love to use! And this year we can hear direct from the current cream

These sessions are always very informative, interesting and above all a fun way to share and learn.

3) 2x Delphi Language Sessions

There are also two interesting language sessions, one looking at Introducing Spring 4D, (a very cool framework) – especially for those developers at Intermediate / Advanced level. That is hosted by Stefan Glienke

The second by Nick Hodges, “How well do you know the Delphi Language” is sure to be very interested, as he delves into the different things you can do with Object Pascal. With many new languages features over the years, if you are upgrading, or have upgraded recently. this is a must watch!

4) Delphi at the University

If you are interested in something a little different, Brazilian MVP Victory Fernandes, who is a Medicine-Neuroscience Electrical Engineer, will talk about Delphi in Education (he also used to be a university Professor)

November 17, 2020, 5:00 pm GMT

Sessions to watch out for on Day 2 and 3

1) Code Faster in Delphi

Learning the shortcuts around the IDE, and other tips and tricks can make coding so much more fun! If you want to get into the “flow” then I would definitely suggest Alister Christie’s session. He also has a new book out covering many of his tips and advice. I’ve had a look, and it’s very good! Definitely, a session not to miss!

November 18, 2020, 7:00 pm GMT

2) Leveraging High DPI in VCL Applications

If you are still moving up to Windows 10, or haven’t really done any Windows 10 specific work on your application you really MUST attend this session.

3) Powering the Web with Delphi

This is a powerhouse lineup, including those behind TMS WebCore, Intraweb, and the most popular Delphi Open Source project on Git, the Delphi MVC Framework

A talk by Bruno Fierens, Dr. Holger Flick, Chad Hower and Daniele Teti, bringing together leading names from TMS Software, FlixEngineering LLC, AtoZed and Bit TIme Professionals.

November 19, 2020, 4:00 pm GMT

High DPI can often be the difference between an app that use to have good usability and apps that still do! Windows 10 has made many changes based on advancements in technology in recent years, and with Windows 10 now making up 75%+ of desktops in use globally, this could be the most important session you attend. On top of that Ray Konopka, (the man behind Raize Software) is one of the best component developers and Delphi speakers out there.

November 18, 2020, 5:00 pm GMT

4) 2 x Panel Chats (VCL and FireDAC)

David Millington (IDE Product Manager) and Marco Cantu (Delphi Product Manager) will be hosting the Windows VCL Panel. If you are doing Windows development, then this is sure to be insightful, about the past, present, and future, as they discuss the best visual component library for Windows development.

The second session includes three leading names in the Delphi world, with multiple books, awards and stacks of experience between them. Definitely come prepared with questions to ask!

5) Delphi Code Performance and Monitoring

Primož Gabrijelcic (MVP) will be looking at how to improve the performance of your Delphi code, and Bob Swart (aka Dr Bob) will be looking at Real-world CodeSite logging Techniques.

THERE IS EVEN MORE!! Building Cross platform?

There are even more sessions, including sessions targeting GUI programming with FireMonkey (the sister to the VCL that is truly cross-platform). Andrea Magni has an excellent book on the topic, and will be talking about the same topic.

November 19, 2020, 3:00 pm GMT

For the full schedule and to book your slots – visit DelphiCon now!

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