Delphi is 25!

by Feb 14, 2020

Today marks the 25th anniversary of the Delphi launch in San Francisco at the Software Development Conference (SDC ‘95 West). I was there at the launch event and I’m still here using the product and helping to further extend and nurture it.

Embarcadero is marking this anniversary with a large number of activities and the entire Delphi community, with many active partners and MVPs, has been blogging and releasing videos for the event. Also some of the old timers have engaged with a product they helped shape and still fondly remember.

There is no way I can make justice of this entire activity with a blog post, but I’ll try to highlight some of the most remarkable external activities and some of my personal input.

Key Highlights

The cornerstone of all activities is the web site Embarcadero has built for the event, It really stands out for both quality end content, and the marketing team did really a great job. It will get new material, so keep visiting it!

The most notable event is today’s webinar, click here to register, at 7pm in Europe, noon at US Central Time. It is a unique opportunity to listen to the two key Borland developers who helped shape Delphi in the product it was and laid a foundation we still leverage today, Anders and Chuck (thanks a lot for their contribution). Don’t miss it!

Among other blog post, a special one is that of the Delphi 1 product manager, Zack, see

The other article worth mentioning is Tim Anderson’s assessment for The Register at

My Contributions

I’m writing a few blog posts, including More are coming over the next week.

I’ve also started the effort of creating a new edition of the classic Mastering Delphi book, which is going to be called Essential Delphi and which is meant to be a deep and detailed introduction to today’s product. You can find the very initial part of the work at It is only half of the first chapter, but it gives you an idea of the book. It will keep growing over the coming weeks and months as my personal contribution to Delphi 25th anniversary.

And finally, here is my video tribute to the anniversary (editing by Benny):