Embarcadero launches Delphi Community Edition

by Jul 19, 2018

The release of Delphi Community Edition is fantastic news for the Delphi language, the developer community, the partners, and the entire ecosystem. We hope it will help new developers (students, hobbyist, open source developers, and someone starting with mobile store publishing, among others) adopt Delphi for their Windows, Mac and mobile development. 

This new version is a big leap forward from the Starter edition, as it offers the full FireMonkey and FireUI multi-device development experience, plus a fully working IDE, basic database access, including even IBLite for mobile. 

Needless to say I've been involved in the process of making this happen, among many others in the company, and I'm very happy this is now a reality. If you are not a professional developer, enjoy it. If you are a professional developers, spread the work about Delphi Community Editions to other developers, students, schools, teachers, hobbyist, and anyone else who could be interested and help us grow the Delphi developers community.

Long live to Delphi!

PS. In the meantime we are also released a new build of Delphi 10.2.3, but if you already have 10.2.3 and have downloaded the various patches you won't need to update. Trying to minimize the uninstall/install annoyance when possible.