Happy 35 years to C++

by Aug 31, 2018

Choosing a programming language to learn and utilize is an extremely personal choice and not one that developers take lightly. C++ has a long history as a popular language used to create Operating Systems, drivers, gaming engines and so much more. It expanded the C language by adding classes, inheritance and abstraction to its core, making it my favorite language to use.

C++ is the first language that I learned in school and my experience with it actually started with Borland’s, now Embarcadero’s, C++Builder. I was a kid with a computer who had so many questions about the interactions of technology and its influence on the world. I was given one of the “free” Borland academic licenses by my teacher and told that C++Builder would be the IDE that our class and projects would be using. This class was the beginning of many projects and classes that allowed me to delve deeper into the world of programming, where I found an appreciation for how problems are solved… and it also didn’t hurt that solutions to my Physics homework was so much easier to understand with a few lines of code.

Now, 12-13 years later, I still use C++Builder everyday, but instead of as a student, as a Software Consultant at Embarcadero. I’m able to develop applications in C++ quickly that look great and perform even better.

So thank you C++, a language that has withstood the test of 35 years, for allowing me to enjoy 13  years of coding.

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