Hotfix 1 for InterBase 2017 Update 1

by Nov 3, 2017

Applies to Product

InterBase (InterBase 2017 Update 1) which was available for download between dates  September 19th 2017 and October 23rd 2017.  


The reason for this hotfix is a crash bug with no workaround in InterBase 2017 Update 1 ( A description of the resolved defects in this hotfix has been added to the Udpate 1 release page at:

Recommended Action

If you have deployed to customers or are using for development InterBase 2017 Update 1, please install this critical update as soon as possible.

How to Get the Hotfix

You can download a patch kit for Windows from

For all platforms, see InterBase registered users download page at

For InterBase 2017 Developer Edition and ToGo Edition: Please install via GetIt in RAD Studio (after uninstalling a previous version of InterBase 2017, if you installed it). This applies both to IBLite/IBToGo and the InterBase Developer Server.

The new version is build

What if I have InterBase 2017

but have not applied Update 1?  Skip InterBase version and install the new build (Update 1 with Hotfix 1).