Migration Links from DelphiCOn 2020

by Nov 23, 2020

Firstly, thank you to the hundreds of you who joined us for the panel discussion at DelphiCon2020. As promised during that session, here is a summary of the links we shared during the panel discussion..

Migration and Upgrade Center

A lot of useful content and papers are on the Migration and Upgrade Center on the Embarcadero website http://embt.co/MigrationCenter

This includes

  1. Unicode
  2. 64bit Migration
  3. Database and Middleware
  4. 3rd Party Components
  5. Monetization 

Tip & Tricks, White Papers, Videos, Articles


There are so many useful channels. But the official one for Embarcadero, including links to language specific content is https://www.youtube.com/c/EmbarcaderoTechnologies

A special call out t o the Modernizing Your Apps (Upgrade and Migrate) section that has 15+ helpful videos, including the move to Windows 10

Migration Automation links

reFind – The_Search_and_Replace_Utility_Using_Perl_RegEx_Expressions.

Delphi Parser – Great 3rd party tool for helping migrate Delphi and C++ code.

Unicode Analysis Tool – Great for working out the scope of what you need to do.

String to AnsiString Convertor tool (Falling back to AnsiString) – If you don’t need Unicode, this might be the way to go.

InterBase DataPump – Great for migrating from BDE to InterBase

Mida – VCL to FireMonkey Converter Toolhttp://www.midaconverter.com/

Other Links

Migrating Midas to DataSnap (Middle-Tier migration)https://blogs.embarcadero.com/migrating-legacy-dcom-based-datasnap-servers-from-delphi-2007-and-earlier-to-delphi-2009-2010-and-later/

3rd party components/libraries (GeitIt Partner Center)

Migrating BDE Applications to FireDAC (the_Search_and_Replace_Utility_Using_Perl_RegEx_Expressions)

Converting 32-bit Delphi Applications to 64-bit Windows

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