My Delphi 25th Anniversary Videos

by Feb 24, 2020

So far I have 2 videos for Delphi 25th celebration (10 days ago) published, plus the one of the webinar with the early product architects I was involved with. There is another video pending to get out (I’ll update this blog post when done).

The first is a summary of my videos edited by my daughter, it is less descriptive but a great summary and a nice flow:

My Personal 25 Years of Delphi Video ( length 3:36

Than there is one of the longer videos behind it, going over all documents and books for Delphi 1, and the invite to the launch event (and pictures of that conference():

Delphi25 Stories – A Look Back at Delphi 1 ( length 14:18

And finally, the recording of the webinar with the Anders and Chuck, the two main Delphi 1 architects:

Delphi 25th Birthday Celebration with Delphi’s Creators ( length 1:48:33 (yes, that’s long!)

Hope you enjoy them. Now focusing back on the next version!