My New RTTI in Delphi Class on Embarcadero Academy

by Feb 5, 2018

As you might remember, I'm helping building the Delphi curricula on the Embarcadero Academy web site. My focus so far has been on the Delphi language, while other tackle VCL and other areas, or other languages and tools. Last week I completed my set of classes on the Modern Delphi language (Interfaces, Generics, Anonymous Methods) with a class on reflection and RTTI. You can buy each of these classes separately (price vary depending on the length) or buy the complete bundle with over 8 hours of content.

The class on reflection and RTTI has a lot of information on the modern RTTI (compared to the classic one), covers the RTTI unit, the TValue record, the use of attributes and much more. And for those who already purchased the Modern Delphi bundle in th past, the new class has been added to their account for free!