Speaking at Delphi Conferences in Italy and Poland in June

by May 30, 2018

While most of the Delphi conferences in Europe happen in the fall (September and October are generally fairly crowded months), there are also a few regular events in the late spring timeframe.

Delphi Day, Italy, June 7th

The Delphi Day in Italy is a conference I helped organized for many years and that generally attracts a crowd of about a hundred Delphi professional developers. This year it is taking place on June 7th, with in-depth seminars the day before. The location is Piacenza, which is the city where I live, so I really couldn't miss it!

At Delphi Day I'll present a keynote on the status of Delphi, and a technical session on building REST services with RAD Server. I'll also host a chat with other remote Embarcadero speakers. The list of speakers is quite impressive, as usual and includes partners like Bruno Fierens and Michael Philippenko, MVPs like Stefan Glienke and Primoz Gabrijelcic, well-known experts like Yuriy Kotsarenko, plus many Italian speakers.

For all of the information and to sign up see 

Zlot Programistow Delphi, Poland, June 19th

Later in June I'll attend a conference in Zegrze, Poland. This is an event organized by the local Embarcadero partner, that is now becoming a tradition — I was there last year for the first time. This is a two days event, packed with technical information, and many session in Polish, some in English.

At this conference I'll give a keynote and present a technical session on Modern Windows 10 development with the VCL library. Among the other speakers, MVPs include Stefan Glienke (again!) and Brian Long, while the only person I know among the Polish speakers is Bogdan Polak.

The conference web site for information and signup is 

See You There

See you at one of the events, if you live in those countries or nearby. If you want to have a personal meeting to discuss anything related with Delphi and Embarcadero business, let me know and we can certainly schedule it.