SQL Diagnostic Manager 12.3 General Availability

by Feb 16, 2024

We are pleased to announce the general availability of SQL Diagnostic Manager 12.3. Existing users may upgrade to this version through the Idera Customer Portal. New users may download the trial version from the Idera Website


What’s New in Diagnostic Manager 12.3?

This release of SQL Diagnostic Manager (DM) features a variety of usability updates to both the Windows Client and the mobile-friendly browser interface for SQL Diagnostic Manager all aimed toward optimizing management and interpretation of very large instance count environments.  All changes in both interfaces were tested for responsive performance and usability in environments of 2000 instances across four separate DM installations.


Windows Client Updates

Several updates optimize the workflow of managing large instance counts; whether DM is deployed in multiple installations or a single installation.

  • Filtered Search implemented on all administration screens with instance selection to reduce instance lists as you type.  Finds any sequence in the instance name.
  • Eliminate scrolling through long lists of instances
  • Updated Card View maximizes use of screen space with smaller simplified overviews of key performance indicators
  • Forward-Backward drill down navigation saves the last ten steps when drilling into detailed information


Windows Grid Overview Update

SQL Diagnostic Manager’s Grid Overview is an alternative to the default card view that provides a sortable list of all instances, alert status by category,and a customizable list of metrics.  It provides the most simple overview listing as many instances as possible on a single screen.

  • Grid Overview  is organized with OS and SQL Server metrics grouped by default
  • Group the Overview by Tag or by DM install to organize to user preferences
  • Sort or filter the overview listing by any column


Scale-out Compatible Browser Interface

The new DM Browser interface introduced in version 12.2 is now compatible with the DM Scale-out architecture introduced in version 12.0 for a single pane of glass view of multiple Diagnostic Manager installations and maximum performance and scale.

  • Performative with large instance counts (tested to 2000 instances)
  • Performative with large alert counts (tested to 13,000 alerts)
  • Transparent to the number of DM installations accessed means the interface appears as one large DM install to the user
  • Filtering and grouping features to facilitate managing large instance lists is already built-in; including grouping by tag, multiple tag selection in overviews, and real-time filtering by instance or tag names


Configurable Heatmap

The existing heatmap overview was designed to graphically indicate the overall health of all instances in a glance driven by a calculated health index.  Users can quickly understand which instances are in most need of immediate attention, customized to application priority set by the user.

  • Triage large instance lists with the Health Index Score
  • Configurable Health Index Score calculation to modify to your preference.
  • Prioritize score with relative importance of tags or instances compared to the default calculation of Health Index.


Service Now Integration

Send Diagnostic Manager alerts to Service Now for tracking in the Service Now ticket system.

  • Implements Alert Action Responses to Send as Alert or Send as Event
  • Use existing Alert Action Response Conditions to control which particular alert conditions are escalated to Service Now