Achieving Data Modeling Nirvana

by Dec 3, 2014

Data Modeling has forever been a realm of a segment of folks that are immersed into the nitty gritty of Database Architecture from a model to Database approach.

These are the individuals are that encompass, what Architects are to Buildings!

So you have decided on venturing into Data Modeling, but don't have the skills to achieve it!

Well! Fear Not! Embarcadero's flagship Data Modeling Suite ER/Studio, helps you through that journey.

Concepts wise, there are plenty of books out that enable you to get started.

Here are my top picks.

  1. Data Modeling Made Simple – Steve Hoberman
  2. Data Modeling Essentials

    Finally my personal fav

  3. Data Modeling Made Simple with ER/Studio Data Architect


With the above gems of knowledge, application of that knowledge is critical to achieving Data Modeling Nirvana.

Note: It takes years and years of experience to achieve it!

But thankfully, Embarcadero's ER/Studio helps you along the way!

Check out this link below to know more about how ER/Studio can help.

ER/Studio Data Modeling

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