Amazon and VMware accelerate Hybrid Cloud partnership

by Sep 5, 2018

While it is true that “Winter’s Coming,” the more sizable wave of impact rolling over data center management is the continuing growth of Hybrid Cloud architectures. Hybrid Cloud architectures combine on premise and cloud deployed resources, in complex and sometimes dynamic fashions.  Amazon’s and VMware’s recent announcements, on the availability of RDS, Amazon's DataBase as a Service (DBaaS) offering, hosted within VMware managed environments both accelerates and illustrates this expansion.

Amazon has just introduced a version of RDS, their cloud-based DBaaS offering, which is designed to be deployed into VMware managed data centers. This offering will complete the symmetry of the Hybrid cloud ecosystem VMware and Amazon have been working on for years.

RDS exposes relational database storage and services while providing built-in automation for many categories of system and database administration overhead. Operating system maintenance and patching, capacity provisioning and growth, database instance maintenance and patching, plus automated backups are at the top of the list.

This public partnership started with VMware Cloud for AWS almost exactly a year ago on Aug 28 2017. The resulting Hybrid cloud architecture allowed datacenters to move some VMware workloads out to AWS but to continue to manage them with the same datacenter-based VMware native management tools.

For Database Administrators, hybrid clouds add several dimensions of complexity to their lives.  By definition, both IAAS VMs and managed DBaaS deployments have much less control over their hardware, OS and noisy neighbors.  Having the ability to monitor and manage the health and performance of thousands of databases deployed on-premise, in cloud IAAS VMs and in the various DBaaS offerings becomes increasingly complex and even more necessary if administrators want to know about system problems before their users do.

At IDERA we continue to build the mechanisms which help make this hybrid cloud management challenge no more difficult than managing our quaint old data centers in the server room down the hall. Our monitoring dashboards understand and transparently adapt to different database deployment environments and present the appropriate data and alerts in the appropriate context to where the database is deployed.

We feel that cloud adoption decisions should be made on the basis of business cost and business agility, free from concerns around uncertainty in the performance and health of cloud deployments and unburdened from additional complexity in their monitoring.

Idera tools empower choice in Cloud Database deployment.