Announcing ER/Studio 17.1 General Availability

by Jul 19, 2018

We are pleased to announce the general availability (GA) of IDERA ER/Studio 17.1

ER/Studio 17.1 contains improvements and enhancements in a number of areas within the product suite:

Data Architect:

  • SQL Server 2017 has been added as a new platform version, allowing customers to differentiate between SQL Server 2017 physical models (forward & reverse engineering) and earlier versions.
  • MongoDB 3.2, 3.4, 3.6 have been added as new platform versions, giving customers the ability to work with newer MongoDB versions.  MongoDB have now dropped support for all earlier versions prior to 3.2, since 3.2 and later use the WiredTiger storage engine. ER/Studio still supports MongoDB 2.6 – 3.0, allowing our customers a transition path as they move up to the latest versions. (NOTE: support for MongoDB 2.4 and earlier has been discontinued in ER/Studio.)
  • Improvements were made to Hadoop Hive support for Kerberos authentication, easing complexity for customers.
  • The following improvements for reliability, consistency and customer experience:
    • Data lineage quality improvements
    • Business Data Object (BDO) quality improvements
    • Compare & merge improvements (multiple platforms)
    • DDL Generation quality improvements
    • New MetaWizard import/export updates.

Repository & Team Server:

  • New Repository/Team Server Hosting Platforms, allowing customers to use the latest technologies
    • Windows Server 2016 OS
    • SQL Server 2017
  • Team Server/Repository TLS 1.2 certification, allowing compliance with more stringent security requirements
  • Repository Permission Improvements.  An individual user will have access to a project folder or diagram if ANY group they belong to has access.  This provides better consistency and usability in managing repository permissions.
  • Performance improvements in migration from previous releases, increasing environment availability
    • General increases of 90%+ improvement, but some large environments are seeing even greater gains.
  • Change Management quality improvements to Jira integration for better consistency and user experience
  • Publishing quality and performance improvements, improving user experience
  • Interactive viewer quality improvements, improving user experience

**  The 17.x releases are the last releases which will support DB2 LUW as a host database platform for the Repository and Team Server.  As of the future 18.0 release, only SQL Server and Oracle will be supported as Repository/Team Server host databases. At that time a migration process for moving from DB2 to SQL Server will be in place.

NOTE:  In this patch release Data Architect and  Repository/Team Server have been updated to version 17.1.0.  Data Architect 17.1.0 is compatible with Repository/Team Server 17.0 through 17.1, so it is possible to upgrade Data Architect clients immediately without requiring an immediate upgrade of the Repository/Team Server if it is at 17.0, 17.0.1 or 17.0.2 version level.  Business Architect remains at the 17.0.2 version and is compatible with Repository 17.0 through 17.1. and Software Architect remains at 17.0.0.

Detailed release notes can be found in our product documentation pages:

Data Architect

Team Server

In addition to the release itself, we are pleased to announce that we have extended our technology partnership with Silwood Technologies to a reseller agreement.  Through this agreement, Idera will market and resell Safyr® to complement its ER/Studio data modeling and architecture product suite. The combined offering allows customers to bring metadata from SAP, Salesforce, Oracle and Microsoft ERP and CRM systems into ER/Studio more rapidly and effectively than using traditional discovery approaches.  This extends the powerful capabilities of ER/Studio even further, as the focal point to manage all of your data architecture and governance initiatives.

Through ER/Studio Enterprise Team Edition, we provide a comprehensive, collaborative platform that encompasses Data Modeling, Business Process Modeling, and Enterprise Architecture to establish a foundation for governance initiatives.  This builds on our strong history in which we have provided integrated data and process modeling within the ER/Studio suite. Other solutions in the marketplace claim to do the same, but are comprised of separate, non-integrated products which are a barrier to collaboration rather than enabling teamwork.  

ER/Studio is sold in multiple editions:

  • Standalone products
    • ER/Studio Data Architect – for standalone data modeling.
    • ER/Studio Business Architect – for standalone business process and conceptual modeling.
  • ER/Studio Professional Professional Edition
    • Combines ER/Studio Data Architect modeling tool with the repository to enable model sharing and facilitates updates to the models by multiple modelers, utilizing model check-out and check-in capabilities.
  • ER/Studio Enterprise Team Edition
    • In addition to the capabilities offered in the professional edition, Enterprise Team edition that provides additional model and metadata sharing, business process modeling, UML modeling, cross-organizational collaboration, and an enterprise glossary. It includes Data Architect, Business Architect, Software Architect, MetaWizard, Repository & Team Server

    More information can be found on the ER/Studio Product pages:

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    ER/Studio Data Architect:

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