Announcing General Availability of DB PowerStudio (DBPS) version 18.5

by Nov 30, 2023

We are pleased to announce the general availability of DB PowerStudio version 18.5!

IDERA’s DB PowerStudio provides a powerful cross-platform toolset for database development, tuning and database management.

What’s new in DBPS version 18.5

  • Enhanced Performance with MySQL version 8.0 using procedures in DBArtisan and Rapid SQL 

Added procedures for create, update and delete operations – this provides the benefit of storing repetitive tasks for future use and saving time.


  • Enhanced Security with DB2 LUW version 11.1 to version 11.5.8 for DB Change Manager, DBArtisan and Rapid SQL

Now with support for Transport Layer Security (TLS) version 1.3, DBPS version 18.5 reduces round trip transmission and encryption latency in half.  This provides DB Change Manager, Rapid SQL and DBArtisan users improved encryption of data in transit and faster transmission times.  Please see the full list of enhancements for this platform by clicking on this link: DB2 LUW 11.5.8 link for platform updates


  • Enhanced Efficiency, Performance and Storage Utilization with new binary column support for DB2 LUW for DBArtisan, Rapid SQL and DB Change Manager 
    • By storing this type of data as a binary column type, it provides the benefits of efficient storage utilization through compression.  
    • This also provides faster query execution when retrieving this data, which will save time. 


  • Better Performance with the update of PostgreSQL from version 13.0 to version 14.0 for DB Optimizer, DBArtisan and Rapid SQL

Postgres version 14.0 does a much better job with data loading leading to better performance for DPBS version 18.5 users who are viewing, creating, updating, querying, optimizing or comparing data. Please see the full list of platform enhancements by clicking on the link provided: PostgreSQL 14.0 link for platform updates


  • Operational Ease and Efficiency Improvements for DBArtisan, Rapid SQL  and DB Change Manager
    • When using Redshift with DBArtisan and Rapid SQL, stored procedures are now added to allow parameter nodes.  These particular requests can now be routed through the nodes if it satisfies the predicate, allowing more control for the user.
    • When using DB2 LUW for DB Change Manager – The synchronization script now applies the appropriate order to be more efficient. 


For a more detailed list of the improvements, please refer to the link What’s New in DB PowerStudio version 18.5.


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