Announcing Precise 10.3 General Availability

by Mar 22, 2021

We are pleased to announce the release of Precise 10.3, the company’s application performance monitoring platform.

Precise helps IT professionals improve the end-to-end performance monitoring of databases and applications, and recommend corrective actions.

 As organizations process more and more digital transactions, IT can struggle to allocate resources and develop strategies to keep pace. The reality for most companies is a complex and evolving landscape of diverse applications that span a variety of platforms and disciplines supported by separate teams. With each team having its own discrete monitoring tools, it can be difficult to diagnose and correct performance problems across disparate but interdependent technologies.

 Precise helps teams ensure that business applications perform at peak efficiency by collecting and analyzing key performance metrics over time. It can also detect and correct the root cause of performance problems whether in an application or a database.

Precise 10.3 features and capabilities include:

  • Support for PeopleSoft 8.58
  • Precise supports Oracle Cloud for Oracle database and applications including PeopleSoft
  • Support for Oracle 19C on AIX
  • Enhanced Support for Oracle 19C patch 7 on Linux
  • Enhanced Support for Oracle 19C patch 8 on Solaris
  • Enhanced Support for Oracle Container databases 
  • Sybase open client 16 support

If this is the first time you are installing Precise, install Precise version 10.3 as described in the Clean installation of the Precise Framework section of the Precise Installation Guide. If Precise version 10.2 is currently installed, upgrade directly to version 10.3 as described in the AdminPoint section of the Precise Administration Guide.

For more information, please refer to the following:

Precise for Databases

Precise Application Performance Platform

Download and install your Precise V10.3 software from here or from the Precise Support Portal.