Announcing SQL Doctor 3.6 General Availability

by Apr 7, 2017

We are pleased to announce the general availability of SQL Doctor 3.6. Existing users may upgrade to this version through the IDERA Customer Portal. New users may download the trial version from the IDERA website. This release includes various small customer improvements and the following new features:

What's New in SQL Doctor 3.6?

  • Support for Cloud Environments
    Connect to SQL Server as deployed as an on-premise instance, an instance hosted on cloud virtual machines (Azure VM and Amazon EC2), and a database-as-a-service (Azure SQL Database and Amazon RDS).

  • New Cloud-Specific Recommendations
    Access enhanced and new expert recommendations that are unique to database-as-a-service. These recommendations include 19 for Azure SQL Database and 59 for Amazon RDS SQL Server.

  • Full Support for SQL Server 2016
    SQL Doctor 3.6 fully supports monitoring of SQL Server 2016 instances, expanding its coverage area.

  • Support for Extended Events
    To collect query-related data, SQL Doctor 3.6 now supports the use of Extended Events, allowing for optimal data collection during analysis.