Announcing the General Availability of SQL Compliance Manager 5.7

by Feb 5, 2020

We’re excited to announce the release of SQL Compliance Manager 5.7.

SQL Compliance Manager is a comprehensive database auditing solution that monitors and tracks changes to SQL Server objects and data, and sends alerts on suspicious activity. SQL Compliance Manager also generates audit reports to demonstrate compliance with regulatory and data security requirements such as SOX, PCI, HIPAA, GDPR, CIS, NERC, DISA/STIG and FERPA.

SQL Compliance Manager 5.7

This release focused heavily on improving the reporting capabilities in SQL Compliance Manager. We added new report features, new filters and columns and new reports. One of the most powerful features of SQL Compliance Manager is the ability to produce a variety of audit reports. This new release will make it easier for customers to access and customize the audit information that has been collected.

Highlights of SQL Compliance Manager 5.7

Product Updates

  • SQL Server 2019 and Windows 2019 Support – SQL Compliance Manager 5.7 is the first release to support SQL Server 2019 and Windows 2019
  • Report Tree Updates – The Report tree has been updated to show Alerts/History separate from the Configuration Reports so you can get to the kind of report you need more quickly

New Features/Functionality

  • Limiting User Access to Reports – Administrators can limit which users can access which reports via the Windows Console
  • Multi-Select Logins – On all reports that feature a Login Filter, you can now select multiple logins to filter the report
  • Schema Filter/Column– On all reports that referred to a table name, you can now see the schema as well
  • Time of Day Functionality – For all reports that included a date, you can now filter by time of day. For example you can now see all data for a window between 8 AM and 10 AM for the last 3 days. Or if you want to filter out your noisy maintenance window from 2 AM to 5 AM you would set your time of day functionality to start at 5 AM and end at 2 AM. 
  • New Filters for Existing Columns – Many reports showed data in columns without the ability to filter on that data, several new filters have been added to allow you to filter on that data
  • New Report for Server Activity – The Server Activity Report Card that you are so familiar with is now available as a report
  • New Report for Trusted and Privileged Users – This report allows you to see what has been set for your trusted and privileged users across your databases and servers
  • New Report for Sensitive Columns and Before After Data (BAD) – This report allows you to see what has been set for your Sensitive Columns and BAD across your databases

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