Announcing the General Availability of Aqua Data Studio verson 22.1

by Nov 18, 2021

We are excited to announce the General Availability of Aqua Data Studio, Version 22.1!


Aqua Data Studio is the industry leading multi-platform Database Integrated Development Environment (IDE) with Visual Analytics. 


Data and Business Analysts love Aqua Data Studio for its Visual Analytics and scalable data management capabilities available on Windows, MacOS and Linux.


Database administrators love the cross-platform convenience and productivity Aqua Data Studio delivers for managing multiple database platforms through a single easy to use tool.


With ver 22.1, Aqua Data Studio customers can benefit from the following:


  • Accurately import and export the correct file and data types, thus lower file management complexity, save time as well as gain overall tool performance. 


  • Improved scripting capabilities to provide the customers with overall performance gains and extensibility.  


  • Improved UI to better reflect Sessions and Timestamps, and to support network packets resulting in more flexibility to the developers, DBAs and network administrators to adjust before these become bottlenecks. 


  • Improved granularity in accessing tables and stored procedures, as opposed to a tedious full search, for Mac database administrators and DB2 developers.


Platform specific benefits to the Aqua Data Studio user:


  • MongoDB ver 4.4 support  will provide our customers to stay current with the release and continued support for existing cloud projects with ease and accuracy. 


  • Snowflake users can benefit from improvements in Security and timestamps.  The parsing permission will now accurately account for parent/child relationships on current rows therefore lowering a potential security risk. 


  • Oracle  users can now achieve higher connection speeds to Oracle databases with the OCI native enhancement.


  • PostgreSQL DBAs/Developers can now include and view objects in their scripts, and thus save time and money.


  • PostgreSQL DBASecurity Manager customers can now alter, edit and create groups to cut down on security breaches. 


  • DB2 DBA – Security Manager customers can now benefit from seeing their sessions and be able to quickly respond to user drops, alignment and issues in their error logs.


  • Sybase IQ and Sybase iAnywhere users can now get faster response times on native connections with the latest improvements.


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