Announcing the General Availability of IDERA SQL SAFE Backup 9.2

by Jul 12, 2023

Introducing IDERA SQL SAFE Backup 9.2: The Latest Release of Our Leading SQL Server Backup Solution

IDERA SQL Safe Backup is a comprehensive solution for backing up and recovering SQL Server databases. With IDERA SQL Safe Backup, users can easily schedule and verify backups, as well as quickly restore data in the event of loss or corruption. IDERA SQL Safe Backup offers a range of features designed to help users better protect their data, including compression and encryption, backup validation, and point-in-time recovery.

IDERA SQL Safe Backup is a comprehensive solution for SQL Server database backup and recovery. IDERA SQL Safe Backup dramatically lowers the cost of data protection for companies by achieving industry-leading recovery-to-online times, typically in minutes instead of hours, reducing database backup time by up to 50%, and reducing backup disk space requirements by up to 95% over native backups. IDERA SQL Safe Backup enables complete and flexible “hands-free” automated backups for SQL Server deployments in environments ranging from small businesses to the largest scale enterprise across any combination of the data center, and cloud deployment, including cloud-native storage.

Discover the Latest Features in IDERA SQL Safe Backup 9.2

The IDERA SQL Safe Backup 9.2 release is focused on providing a range of new features and improvements upon existing features, including S3-compatible on-premises storage support, import/export policies, and improved instance management. This release includes support for both Windows Server 2022 and Windows 11, along with streamlined reporting and quality refinements tailored to both small and large customer installations.

Product Enhancements

New Backup Storage Support: Integration with S3-Compatible On-Premises Solutions

IDERA SQL Safe 9.2 introduces an exciting new feature that expands the backup storage options available to users. With this release, the IDERA SQL Safe Backup now seamlessly integrates with on-premises storage solutions that are compatible with the S3 (Simple Storage Service) protocol. This integration enables users to leverage their existing on-premises S3-compatible storage infrastructure for storing SQL Server backups securely and efficiently. By supporting S3-compatible on-premises solutions, our software empowers users with increased flexibility and choice in managing their backup storage, making it easier to ensure data protection and compliance while utilizing their preferred storage solutions.

Streamlined Policy Management: Introducing Policies Import/Export Functionality

IDERA SQL Safe Backup 9.2 introduces a new and powerful feature that streamlines the management of policies. With the new import/export functionality, users can now easily import and export backup/restore/log-shipping policies within IDERA SQL Safe Backup. This capability simplifies policy management by allowing users to efficiently transfer policies between different environments or share them with colleagues. Whether migrating policies to a new server, replicating configurations across multiple instances, installing a fresh IDERA SQL Safe Backup or collaborating on policy setups, the import/export functionality in IDERA SQL Safe backup 9.2 enables seamless policy transfer. This feature saves time and effort for administrators and facilitates collaboration on policy setups. With streamlined policy management, users can effectively maintain consistency, improve productivity, and ensure adherence to backup and recovery standards across their SQL Server deployments.

Enhanced Restore Wizard: Streamlined Backup Selection from Multiple Sources

IDERA SQL Safe Backup 9.2 introduces an enhanced ‘Restore Wizard’ that simplifies the selection of backups from multiple sources within the same backup operation. Users can now conveniently choose backup files from the local file system, remote network paths, and target systems within the intuitive interface of the ‘Restore Wizard’. This enhancement streamlines the restoration process, especially for customers that move backup files periodically from the original backup location. This change will allow users to efficiently navigate and add multiple backup files from multiple locations for restoration.

Performance and Stability Enhancements

IDERA SQL Safe Backup 9.2 introduces significant improvements to enhance performance and stability. These enhancements result in a more reliable and efficient backup and restore process, ensuring a smoother experience. The improvements include reduced backup and restore loops, improved backup times, compression, and verification.

Enhanced Compatibility and Connectivity

IDERA SQL Safe Backup 9.2 includes improved compatibility and connectivity features, enhancing the overall connectivity experience for users. This release improves SQL Safe agent connectivity with Availability Group listeners and improves connectivity with clusters using SQL Server Multi-Subnet Clustering. IDERA SQL Safe Backup 9.2 provides a seamless experience across different deployment scenarios and configurations, ensuring smooth and reliable protection of SQL Server environments.

Enhanced User Interface and User Experience

IDERA SQL Safe Backup 9.2 brings notable enhancements to the user interface (UI), resulting in an enhanced user experience (UX). The improvements in the UI streamline workflows, enhance usability, and provide a more intuitive and visually appealing experience for users. With a focus on optimizing user interactions and simplifying navigation, SQL Safe Backup 9.2 offers an improved UI/UX that enhances productivity and makes managing backups and restores more efficient and intuitive.

Improved Support for 4K Displays

IDERA SQL Safe Backup 9.2 addresses the specific needs of users with 4K displays by improving compatibility and optimizing the UI for high-resolution screens. The enhancements ensure that the UI elements are properly rendered and scaled on 4K displays, enhancing readability and usability. With enhanced support for 4K displays, SQL Safe Backup 9.2 provides a seamless and visually optimized experience for users, allowing them to effectively manage backups and restores on high-resolution screens.

Consolidating Registered Instances in the Central Repository

IDERA SQL Safe Backup 9.2 introduces an enhancement that simplifies instance management by consolidating the registered instances into a central IDERA SQL Safe Backup repository. Registered instances are migrated from users’ preferences XML file to a centralized solution stored in the SQL Safe repository. This enhances security, centralizes management, and ensures better consistency in instance registration.

Windows Server 2022 and Windows 11 Support

The addition of support for Windows Server 2022 and Windows 11 means that users of the software can now install and use it on the latest versions of these operating systems. This provides several benefits, including improved security and performance, as well as access to the latest features and functionalities of the operating system. By supporting the latest versions of Windows Server and Windows, the software remains up-to-date with the latest technologies, ensuring that users can take full advantage of their systems while ensuring they are secure and compliant with industry standards. This feature also helps future-proof the software, ensuring that it can continue to be used as newer versions of Windows are released.

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