Announcing the General Availability of SQL Secure 4.0

by May 9, 2022

We are pleased to announce the general availability of SQL Secure 4.0

SQL Secure is the industry-leading, state of the art auditing and security solution for SQL Servers that helps identify vulnerabilities with SQL Server configurations and access, establishes security policies and baselines, and alerts if there are any potential risks discovered. With single button selections, SQL Secure configures security policies across SQL Server and Azure SQL databases required for compliance with regulatory standards such as GDPR, HIPAA, PCI, CIS, SOX, DISA/STIG, NERC and FERPA. A flexible system of alerting rules allow alerts to be generated across a broad range of significant, suspicious or undesired activities.

What’s New in SQL Secure 4.0?

The SQL Secure 4.0 release is focused on providing significant performance and scalability improvements, added quality and enhanced user experience with cost benefits for both small and large customer installations.

Product Enhancements

Parallel Job Execution Mechanism

Implemented a new job execution mechanism that allows the SQL Secure Collection application to handle a number of simultaneous SQL Secure jobs to run concurrently. The number of simultaneous executions is configurable by the users.

Assessments Loading

Streamlined workflow for loading assessment data for servers being audited by SQL Secure. We expect these changes to improve the trial experience as well as benefiting established users.

Report Performance

Addressed several areas causing poor performance and usability in the ‘User Permissions’ and ‘Database Roles’ reports with significant success.

Security Checks

Functionality refinement of several security checks in order to save administrators a considerable amount of time in their reporting efforts.

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