Announcing the General Availability of SQL Secure 4.2

by Dec 20, 2022

We are pleased to announce the general availability of SQL Secure 4.2

SQL Secure is the industry-leading, state of the art auditing and security solution for SQL Servers that helps identify vulnerabilities with SQL Server configurations and access, establishes security policies and baselines, and alerts if any potential risks are discovered. With single button selections, SQL Secure configures security policies across SQL Server and Azure SQL databases required for compliance with regulatory standards such as GDPR1, HIPAA2, PCI3, CIS4, SOX5, DISA/STIG6, NERC7 and FERPA8. A flexible system of alerting rules allows alerts to be generated across a broad range of significant, suspicious or undesired activities.

What’s New in SQL Secure 4.2?

The SQL Secure 4.2 release is focused on addressing the highest priority customer value cases while providing significant usability improvements with cost benefits for both small and large customer installations.

Product Enhancements

Bulk Snapshots

SQL Secure 4.2 now allows users to capture a snapshot of all their registered servers at once which saves them a considerable amount of time. We expect that this new feature will improve the overall experience when using the SQL Secure product.

Report Improvements

Significantly improved performance and usability in the ‘Server Roles’, ‘Schema Level Access’ and the ‘Database Roles’ reports:

  • ‘Database Roles’ report now displays the creation date of the database.
  • ‘Schema Level Access’ report now displays permission for the last updated data.
  • ‘Server Roles’ report now displays more comprehensive data and shows members from Windows groups.

Console Enhancements

Streamlined workflow and usability of the Snapshot Collection operation, as well as the Reports and Security Checks. Improved overall performance in the SQL Secure console with significant success. We expect these changes to improve the trial experience as well as benefiting established users.

Support for Windows 11 and Windows Server 2022

SQL Secure 4.2 supports Windows 11 and Windows Server 2022. Our customers can easily upgrade their environments and use the latest Microsoft OS.

Product Links

  1.  General Data Protection Regulation
  2.  Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
  3.  Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council
  4.  Center for Internet Security
  5.  the Sarbanes-Oxley Act
  6.  Defense Information Systems Agency / Security Technical Implementation Guides
  7.  North American Electric Reliability Corporation
  8.  The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act