Aqua Data Studio: IDE with visual analytics and automation

by Feb 22, 2023

Aqua Data Studio accelerates data management processes by simplifying common tasks and automating routine operations.

Visual analytics

Run visual data analytics by dragging and dropping dimensions and measures from data sources into advanced visualizations to share the derived information with colleagues and customers.

Create charts and dashboards, and run statistical data analysis with Visual Analytics of Aqua Data Studio.

Aqua Data Studio’s visual analytics

Perform advanced statistical data analysis by calculating fields that invoke commands from the “R” programming language to use the resulting data like any other field, including for visual analytics.

Perform statistical analysis with the R integration of Aqua Data Studio.

Aqua Data Studio’s integration with R


Schedule tasks by running commands at specific time intervals while managing the logs and results, as well as sending email notifications when the tasks are run.

Automate tasks with the Task Scheduler of Aqua Data Studio.

Aqua Data Studio’s task scheduler

Automate tasks with an advanced script language, AquaScripts, that includes many powerful capabilities, including projects, templates, and an advanced editor to develop custom functionality.

Automate tasks with the advanced script AquaScript of Aqua Data Studio.

Aqua Data Studio’s AquaScript

Automate tasks with an advanced command shell, FluidShell, which provides the combined functionality of a Unix shell with a SQL command-line tool to script and launch custom solutions.

Automate the extraction, transformation, and loading of data with the advanced shell FluidShell of Aqua Data Studio.

Aqua Data Studio’s FluidShell

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