Best IDE for data analysts

by Mar 15, 2023

Data analysts need good visibility to the right data to make good business decisions. They also require easy access to the appropriate data, and a tool that can help him visualize that data effectively.

Aqua Data Studio provides comprehensive, scalable, cross-platform data management to improve the productivity of data analysts.

Data analyst pain points

When having to manage their data and databases, data analysts often struggle because they need to:

  • Need to access multiple platforms, whatever IT gives them.
  • Complicated tools are often designed for more technical users.
  • Need to collect data from queries and put it in useful formats for evaluation and analysis.
Run SQL queries and display the results in the Query Analyzer of Aqua Data Studio.

Aqua Data Studio’s query analyzer

Aqua Data Studio features

Aqua Data Studio helps data analysts to alleviate these pain points so that they can:

  • Easy access to multiple platforms, including relational, NoSQL, and cloud.
  • Easy-to-use tool that provides the right level of detail for analysts.
  • Create beautiful visualizations and dashboards of data to identify patterns and trends.
Create charts and dashboards, and run statistical data analysis with Visual Analytics of Aqua Data Studio.

Aqua Data Studio’s visual analytics

Aqua Data Studio benefits

Thereby, Aqua Data Studio allows data analysts to:

  • Support decision making through high quality data.
  • Identify the key data assets and metadata required.
  • Build analysis algorithms.
  • Reconcile multiple data sources to a single, logically consistent model.
Edit data and result sets in the Excel-like Table Data Editor of Aqua Data Studio.

Aqua Data Studio’s table data editor

Aqua Data Studio is the only tool that can organize, connect, export, and relay critical information daily for many database platforms. We do not know how anyone could work well without Aqua Data Studio.
Bradley Skidmore, Application Developer, XLSure Software (Large Enterprise, insurance, USA)

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