Compare four leading database tools

by May 11, 2023

Today, many roles within an organization work with the ever growing amounts of data in databases. No longer are databases the purview of just the information technology professionals, such as application developers and database administrators.

Business-oriented roles, such as data scientists, business analysts, business managers, clerks, and even executives, are required to be self-serving and self-sufficient when interacting with various databases. In most cases, this self-enablement is because of modern database tools designed for the business-oriented user.

Read the 12-page whitepaper “Comparing Four Leading Database Tools for Business Users by Bert Scalzo to explore the distinctive requirements for the business-oriented users. The whitepaper also discusses the similarities and differences between Aqua Data Studio, Toad Data Point, DBeaver, and DBVisualizer. The whitepaper covers client operating system support, on-premise and cloud database support, tree browser support, entity-relationship diagramming, and a full featured SQL editor. It also discusses an intuitive and easy to use visual query builder, data grids that support basic features, Microsoft Office integration, a simple user option to flip between data grid and chart, and advanced analytics.

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