Improve data modeling with Aqua Data Studio

by Mar 22, 2023

Data architects spend a major time of their job on data modeling. As such, they need to ensure that change to their data stores is controlled and well planned.

Aqua Data Studio is the best database IDE for maximum productivity, versatility, and cost savings.

Data architect pain points

When managing data models, data architects often struggle to:

  • Communicate with both business and technical people to translate requirements between the two.
  • Understand functions and syntax of diverse range of data storage products.
  • Provide governance and control to change.
  • Understand the content of data stores.
Design and edit schemas and entity relationships with the ER Modeler of Aqua Data Studio.

Aqua Data Studio’s entity-relationship modeler


To better model data, Aqua Data Studio helps data architect to:

  • Build logical models understandable by business people connected with physical models aligned with the data store product for most data store products.
  • Improve visibility of information and data through web based publishing and collaboration tools.
  • Manage change with version snapshots and compare/merge with Alter script generation that can be reviewed by a database administrator before application.
Compare and synchronize schemas and data with the Compare Tool of Aqua Data Studio.

Aqua Data Studio’s compare tool


By using Aqua Data Studio, data architects can therefore:

  • Create database solutions to evaluate requirements.
  • Create blueprints for building, testing and maintaining data stores.
  • Define the company’s data management strategy and architecture.
  • Identify the key data assets and document metadata used by  the enterprise.
  • Build data models that describe data and its relationships.
  • Reconcile multiple data sources to a single, logically consistent model.
Connect to version control systems to manage data source files with the Version Control clients of Aqua Data Studio.

Aqua Data Studio’s version control

Aqua Data Studio provides us with a single simplified tool with zero connectivity issues to multiple database platforms.
Bala Kodumudi, System Administrator, Kaiser Permanente (Fortune 500, health care, USA)

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