Manage data with Aqua Data Studio

by Feb 1, 2023

Aqua Data Studio is the industry-leading, multiple-platform, integrated development environment (IDE) for data. It provides many benefits to a variety of data-centric roles, allowing them to manage a wide range of data sources.

Data management tool

Aqua Data Studio provides comprehensive, scalable, cross-platform data management. It improves the productivity of data-centric specialists, including developers, database administrators, as well as data analysts, data modelers, and data architects.

  1. Simplify tedious tasks involving SQL queries, data, result sets, schema, data models, files, instances, servers, as well as automation.
  2. Install and run Aqua Data Studio on the three most popular operating systems: Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS, and Linux.
  3. Display the graphical user interface in nine of the most widely spoken languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Korean, Portuguese, Japanese, and Chinese.
  4. Aqua Data Studio supports over 40 of the most popular data source platforms, including relational, NoSQL, as well as managed cloud data sources.
Use a single tool for all the data of your organization to minimize licensing cost, reduce the learning curve, and maximize the potential for collaboration.

Aqua Data Studio’s query builder

Why Aqua Data Studio? 

There are many reasons why Aqua Data Studio is the best database IDE for maximum productivity, versatility, and cost savings.

  1. Simplify data-centric tasks by working on data sources without exposure to complex technical elements, detailed technical skills, or detailed knowledge of vendor-specific SQL dialects.
  2. Improve access and consistency by accessing data sources from a single tool to minimize the learning curve and maximize the potential for collaboration.
  3. Better manage data sources by letting staff use a multifunctional tool for the administration and maintenance of all data sources.
  4. Accelerate data management processes by simplifying common tasks and automating routine operations.
View the graphical user interface with the dark theme of Aqua Data Studio.

Aqua Data Studio’s dark theme

Aqua Data Studio reviews

  1. Aqua Data Studio is so simple to use.
    Daniel Chernopolskii, IT Project Manager, Deutsche Bank AG (Global 500, banking, USA)
  2. Aqua Data Studio lets us connect to any kind of database we need. We are huge fans of Aqua Data Studio as it allows us to get more done in our day.
    Chad Laurent, Data Analyst, Comcast Corporation (Global 500, telecommunications services, USA)
  3. Aqua Data Studio provides us with a single simplified tool with zero connectivity issues to multiple database platforms.
    Bala Kodumudi, System Administrator, Kaiser Permanente (Fortune 500, health care, USA)

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