We are excited to announce the General Availability of Aqua Data Studio, Version 22.3.3

by May 12, 2023

Aqua Data Studio is the industry leading multi-platform Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for databases with Visual Analytics.

What’s New in Aqua Data Studio Version 22.3.3


Support for the operating system macOS Ventura 13.2 has been added!

A key feature in this release is support for IPv6 addressing, which in turn provides the following benefits for Aqua Data Data users: 

  1. Enhanced Security – Aqua Data Studio users will be protected from malicious network access as a result of the extensive cryptographically-generated IP addresses in IPv6.
  2. Increased Product Performance (often as a result of improved network performance)
    • Aqua Data Studio users will save time especially when moving or comparing data or just upon connecting to their platforms, as a result of packet headers and removal of multiple checksums in IPv6.
    • Aqua Data Studio users will benefit from the enhanced network performance upon connections to their platforms as a result of per-node addressing, reduced routing table size, single prefix and fragmentation benefits in IPv6.

Greatly enhanced support for SingleStore to provide the following benefits:

  • DDL Extraction for reference and column level tables provides customers the capability  to create scripts with providing the lowest level of details. 
  • Enhanced the DDL compare and the table level permissions provides the benefits to run comparisons and confirm who should have access to the data. 
  • Understanding hash indexes with this version provides the benefits of understanding processing operations and provides performance benefits with enforcing uniqueness.

This release also supports newer versions of the current platforms as listed below:

  • SQLite to version 3.36.0
  • Oracle to version 21c 
  • PostgreSQL 14.0                                      

Thank you to the stakeholders (Product Management, Engineering, Sales and Support) involved in enabling this release. 

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