Changing Current Time Zone

by Aug 13, 2013

In a previous tip you learned how PowerShell can list all available time zone IDs. Today, we show you how to set the time zone using the utility tzutil.exe.

First, here's a helper function that returns the correct time zone ID when you submit part of its name:

function Get-TimeZone($Name)
 [system.timezoneinfo]::GetSystemTimeZones() | 
 Where-Object { $_.ID -like "*$Name*" -or $_.DisplayName -like "*$Name*" } | 
 Select-Object -ExpandProperty ID

Here is how it works:

Once you know the official ID of the time zone, use tzutil.exe to make it your current time zone:

Note that if you specify an invalid time zone, you get both an error message, and $LASTEXITCODE will not be 0.

Note also that once you change the time zone, your clock in the taskbar will immediately change to that time zone.

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