Connecting to PostgreSQL and MySQL via ODBC to IDERA’s ER/Studio Data Architect

by Jun 5, 2018



In this blog post, we will show you how easy it is to connect to MySQL and PostgreSQL via ODBC.

As you are aware we can reverse engineer databases natively with 

  1. SQL Server 
  2. Oracle
  3. Hive
  4. Sybase ASE
  5. Azure SQLDB and
  6. MongoDB

However, there are still databases out there that need to be reverse engineered.

Why do you need to reverse Engineer MySQL / PostgreSQL?

  1. Ability to gather the database design
  2. Remodel the database
  3. Push the changes back to the database


What you will need

ER/Studio Data Architect 

If you want to reverse one of the core products you can get a single platform license specifically for that product. Check with us which products are offered on this basis.

For the others we offer a multi platform license which include a wide range of products. Again check with us what we are currently supporting.

MySQL and PostgreSQL ODBC Drivers

They can be downloaded from the respective of vendor's websites.


  1. Setup the ODBC Data Source for either the data sources

  2. Configure the Data source from the article link 

  3. Follow these steps to reverse engineer the database

  4. And you should be done. 

For more details please download a free Trial of Data Architect here:  IDERA Data Architect