DB PowerStudio 17.0 Is Now Available

by Jan 11, 2018

We are pleased to announce the availability of DB PowerStudio 17.0.  This release greatly enhances the features of the product for SQL Server environments.   It also brings support for SQL Server 2017 while also enhancing support and features for currently supported platforms MySQL and PostgreSQL.  We enlisted a Microsoft Data Platform MVP to evaluate and determine the top SQL Server features that the products should contain.   This will ensure that we are addressing the most common and critical areas of SQL Server.

DB PowerStudio combines four innovative solutions to help build and maintain mission-critical database applications, streamline the database change management process, and quickly pinpoint and fix performance bottlenecks.

The 17.0 release contains several key updates and features for DBArtisan and RapidSQL.  The updates bring platform support up to SQL Server 2017 as well as enhance support for existing supported database platforms. 

Database Platform Support

  • Full support for PostgreSQL 9.6
  • Support for MySQL Schema which was introduced in MySQL 5.5.   This will bring support for MySQL past the current 5.1 support.
  • Improved SQL Server Support (through SQL Server 2017)
    • Updated debugger support
    • Ability to display pre and post execution plans for SQL queries
    • Enhanced UI for execution plan views
    • Added File Groups, Data Files and Log Files to Server Storage section, this allows DBAs to visualize the high level usage and status of disk space.
    • Enhanced support for In-Memory tables
    • Enhanced index support, including ColumnStore, XML

DB PowerStudio, with this release, becomes a highly competitive product in SQL Server environments as well as MySQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle.

Download the product here  The documentation is located here.