We are excited to announce the General Availability of DB PowerStudio 18.6!

by Feb 28, 2024

IDERA’s DB PowerStudio provides a powerful cross-platform toolset for database development, tuning, and database management.

New benefits DB PowerStudio users will receive by using version 18.6

  • Enhanced Security authorizations for DB Change Manager, DBArtisan, Rapid SQL, and DB Optimizer
  • DBArtisan and Rapid SQL users can now leverage multi-factor authentication (MFA) using the identity provider Microsoft Entra, formerly Azure Active Directory (AD), when connecting to PostgreSQL. Similarly, those users can leverage MFA with Amazon Web Services (AWS) Access Management (IAM) when connecting to Redshift. When logging into PostgreSQL and Redshift, users gain the inherent security policies and procedures from Microsoft Entra and Amazon IAM, and have to enter their password only once.
  • DB Optimizer and DB Change Manager users can take advantage of MFA authentication by logging into MS SQL with the Identity provider Microsoft Entra. When logging into MSSQL, users gain the inherent security policies from Microsoft Entra and have to enter their password only once.
  • DB Optimizer Enhances Database Performance with Profiling for PostgreSQL
  • The graphical representation provided with DB Optimizer is a better understanding of how SQL will be executed on PostgreSQL and the performance cost associated with that execution. The benefit is the user can now pinpoint SQL queries that are causing unnecessary wait times. This allows the user to tune these deficiencies to improve overall system performance and help users get results faster.

For a more detailed list of the improvements, please refer to the link What’s New in DB PowerStudio version 18.6

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