DBArtisan Tips and Tricks Webinar November 2019

by Dec 17, 2019

The November edition of DBArtisan tips and techniques Webinar covered three tips for using DBArtisan.

  • Using Projects to organize your work
  • Using the visual Query Builder
  • Space Management using DBArtisan

You can view a recording of the event here: November Tips and Tricks 

A DBArtisan project generally includes SQL script files that you can maintain and create in unison with your database administration and development cycle. Projects can also contain subfolders. You can create projects manually by inserting existing SQL script files. You can also create projects automatically by reverse-engineering a database schema or an existing version control project.  

The Query Builder provides a visual display of your queries as you construct them. You can run Query Builder against any registered datasource. Query Builder lets you build five separate types of queries simultaneously:

  1. Building a SELECT Statement
  2. Building an INSERT Statement
  3. Building an UPDATE Statement
  4. Building a DELETE Statement
  5. Building a CREATE VIEW Statement

Using Analysis Reports in Space Analyst for Oracle

You can run HTML-formatted reports that pinpoint all major storage-related problems for a particular tablespace and the objects that are contained within it. To produce an Analysis Report, do the following:
  1. On the toolbar, click Analysis Report.
    Space Analyst opens the Analysis Report dialog.
  2. In Report File Name and Report Title you can change the location and report title of the report.
  3. In Category, select the types of space problems you would like to investigate. The default option is All.
  4. In Tablespace, select the tablespace you would like to analyze.
  5. Click Execute.

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