Design data intensive cloud native applications

by Jun 1, 2023

The cloud is transforming the way modern-day applications are being designed. Data is at the center of multiple challenges while architecting solutions in the cloud. With technology changing fast, there are new possibilities for processing data. Cloud native combines various patterns like DevOps, continuous integration and continuous delivery, containers, orchestration, microservices, and cloud infrastructure. In this session, you will learn more about the tools and technologies that will help you design data intensive systems. We will take a structured approach to architecting data-centric solutions, covering technologies like message queues, data partitioning, search index, data cache, event sourcing, NoSQL solutions, microservices, and cloud migration strategies.

View the educational webinar “Designing Data Intensive Cloud Native Applications by Samir Behara to discover the high level design principles that will help you build scalable, resilient, and maintainable systems in the cloud.

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