Easy Logging by Using Event Logs

by Mar 6, 2018

Often scripts need to log what they do, and PowerShell scripters invest a lot of thought and time on logging information to text files.

As an alternative, you can easily reuse the work invested by Microsoft: PowerShell can use the event log system to log information. To test-drive, create a new event log using the code below. This part requires Administrator privileges (writing to the log does not):

#requires -RunAsAdministrator

# name for your log
$LogName = 'PowerShellPrivateLog'
# size (must be dividable by 64KB)
$Size = 10MB

# specify a list of names that you'd use as source for your events
$SourceNames = 'Logon','Work','Misc','Test','Debug'

New-EventLog -LogName $LogName -Source $SourceNames
Limit-EventLog -LogName $LogName -MaximumSize $Size -OverflowAction OverwriteAsNeeded

Once the log is in place, any user can write to the log file:

PS> Write-EventLog -LogName PowerShellPrivateLog -Message 'Script Started' -Source Work -EntryType Information -EventId 1

PS> Write-EventLog -LogName PowerShellPrivateLog -Message 'Something went wrong!' -Source Work -EntryType Error -EventId 1

PS> Get-EventLog -LogName PowerShellPrivateLog | ft -AutoSize

Index Time         EntryType   Source InstanceID Message              
----- ----         ---------   ------ ---------- -------              
    2 Jan 30 21:57 Error       Work            1 Something went wrong!
    1 Jan 30 21:57 Information Work            1 Script Started 

-Source must be one of the names that you specified as legal sources when you created the log. One advantage of using this technique is that you can use Get-EventLog to easily analyze your log entries.

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