Essential Third-Party Tools for MySQL Database Teams

by Jun 28, 2021

Database teams are constantly under pressure to be more productive while simultaneously ensuring the availability and performance of their systems. The addition of a reliable third-party tool can simplify and streamline many aspects of a complex information technology (IT) environment. 

MySQL is an extremely popular database solution widely used across many industries and business sectors. Enterprises that have MySQL servers as part of their environment include Facebook, Verizon Wireless, Netflix, and Continental Airlines.

Companies of this nature rely on their IT systems to meet business objectives and get the most value from their data resources. Much of the responsibility for keeping things running smoothly falls to the MySQL database team.

We are going to look at two editions of a valuable third-party tool for MySQL database teams.

SQLyog is Essential for Database Administration

SQLyog is a dedicated administration and development solution designed to address the needs of MySQL and MariaDB database teams.

It’s suitable for all types of consolidated or hybrid MySQL environments and supports physical, virtual, and cloud instances of the database platform. Two editions of the application are offered to enable users to choose the level of functionality and feature set that works for them.

SQLyog Community Edition

SQLyog’s Community Edition is the free version of this powerful third-party MySQL tool that is available as an open source download. It provides MySQL administrators and developers with an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) that eliminates the need to work with the command-line interface.

This in itself is a big improvement and is a welcome feature for both experienced and novice MySQL team members. 

SQLyog gives users the ability to perform many functions such as creating new databases, queries, and tables with the menus and buttons of the main interface. All it takes is a few clicks to back up a database or transfer data between instances.

Commands are stored in a history tab so they are available for quick review. These features streamline database administration and result in productivity gains for the team.

SQLyog can connect to multiple servers and run multiple queries simultaneously. A convenient query editor makes it easy to create queries and save them as SQL files.

Templates are provided to facilitate the creation of queries, functions, and tables. Colors and fonts can be changed in the editor to personalize the tool and make it even easier to use effectively.

SQLyog Ultimate Edition

While the features of the Community Edition may be enough for some environments, more mature data-driven organizations will require more functionality. 

The Ultimate Edition provides the GUI and all the advantages of the Community Edition while adding a host of advanced features that are appropriate for working with enterprise-grade MySQL environments.

It serves the needs of both mature and maturing data-driven organizations, allowing the latter to scale up without the constraints of limited functionality.

Following are some of the most valuable features included in the Ultimate Edition. They are collectively known as Power Tools and provide the functionality needed in busy MySQL shops. They allow teams to:

  • Automate and schedule the synchronization of data between two MySQL instances;
  • Interactively and visually compare source and target data to make informed decisions regarding synchronization;
  • Visually compare and synchronize the schema from two MySQL databases;
  • Schedule backups by exporting schema and data;
  • Profile queries to determine where performance tuning needs to occur;
  • Import external data from an ODBC compliant data source to MySQL.

The inclusion of Power Tools combined with the intuitive GUI and features of the Community Edition makes the Ultimate Edition a valuable application for your MySQL database team’s software toolbox.

Why Should You Choose the Ultimate Edition?

In addition to the enhanced functionality and expanded feature set of SQLyog’s Ultimate Edition, there is also the increased level of support that comes with a paid commercial application. No worries if problems are encountered during installation or configuration. Technical help is available 24/7 for critical issues. 

An infographic is available that highlights the features of the Ultimate Edition. A free trial will quickly demonstrate the benefits of the tool and how it will help your MySQL team be more productive. 

Try SQLyog Ultimate Edition for free!