Exporting Modules across the Network

by Jul 26, 2016

PowerShell 3+

Did you know that you can easily export modules from other computers to your local machine? Assume you don’t have the RSAT tools but would like to use their cmdlets to administer Active Directory, or you’d like to use the ServerManager module to manage a server.

Here are the simple steps that it takes to export a module from a remote system to your local machine:

$server = 'server123'
$moduleToExport = 'ServerManager'
$localModuleName = 'myServerManager'

# connect to remote machine
$session = New-PSSession -ComputerName $server

# export a module from there to your local machine
Export-PSSession -Session $session -Module $moduleToExport -OutputModule $localModuleName

# get rid of the session
Remove-PSSession -Session $session

# find new module
Get-Module -Name $localModuleName -ListAvailable

Of course, this approach uses a trick. The module that you export will still live on the remote system. Export-PSSession simply creates a proxy module that forwards your commands to the remote system. This is why your client computer needs no special module-related requirements. All you need is a remote connection. If the remote connection is not found, the module auto-creates it for you.

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