Find problem SQL with the new MONyog 2.5

by Jun 17, 2008

We are very pleased to announce the release of MONyog 2.5 Beta 1. This is a major upgrade from the previous releases.

MySQL currently lacks advanced query profiling tools like SQL Server's Query Profiler. While the current breed of MySQL monitoring tools provide monitoring and advisory information on various system metrics, they don't help in pinpointing the problematic queries. No amount of hardware upgrades or tuning of mysql.cnf / mysql.ini parameters can match the performance gains that can be achieved when problematic queries and identified, rewritten and/or appropriate indexes are created.
MONyog 2.5 helps in identifying problem SQL by

1) Analyzing the general query log
2) Analyzing the slow query log
3) If the above mentioned logs are unavailable then MONyog query sniffer can capture the results of SHOW PROCESSLIST at user-defined interval (like every second) and then analyze the data collected over a period of time.

Best of all, you don't need to install and configure agents on each MySQL server. Installing and upgrading agents is a tedious admin task by itself. MONyog just needs an SFTP-enabled SSH account to read the logs from remote servers. For MySQL 5.1 and above, MONyog can read the logs from the appropriate tables in the mysql database. Just like other Webyog tools, MONyog provides an intuitive graphical interface to help you find problem SQL quickly.

MONyog can optionally substitute literals from the logs with a 'dummy string' so that 'almost-identical' queries will be considered identical. You can then easily get answers to questions like:

1) Which query (or group of queries) was executed most number of times during a specific time-frame?
2) Which query (or group of queries) took the longest execution time on average?
3) Which query (or group of queries) took the longest execution (counting all instances)?

Other major new features of MONyog 2.5:

– Faster SSH tunnelling: The entire SSH tunnelling code has been rewritten
– Improved Linux monitors and advisors – several counters related to Linux memory (including swap) usage added.
– RPM build now supports SuSE and Mandrake/Mandriva Linux distributions

MONyog is multi-platform and runs on Windows and Linux. Download your copy of MONyog Trial today from: