Announcing the General Availability of Aqua Data Studio Version 19.0

by May 1, 2018

We are pleased to announce the availability of the Aqua Data Studio version 19.0 release.  This release greatly enhances several areas of the product.

  • You can now view explain plans for NoSQL data warehouse platforms, like Hive, Spark and Impala.  
  • Gain faster insights to your data  with the enhancements to the visual analytics tool.
    • Ability to share workspaces, thereby increasing collaboration and usability in team environments
    • Enhancements to Aqua Data Studio’s filtering capabilities.  Allowing users to quickly analyze their data and gain insight through data visualization
    • Our new combined fields offer a quick and convenient way of combining multiple fields in a single dimension
    • Copy your data from the UI to a Web or desktop application without loss of your formatting and key indicators
    • Our new table definition returns the number of rows in the partition
    • PDFs are now exported in native format which results in smaller file sizes and reduced export times when exporting large data sets
  • We have added significant usability and functional enhancements to our window docking framework.
    • Several new viewing modes are available
    • New orientation styles
    • Management of panels has been greatly enhanced throughout the product
  • Data synchronization capabilities were added to three additional database platforms: MySQL, PostgreSQL and Sybase.
  • MongoDB support has been greatly enhanced.
    • Collation support has been added to Collections, Views, Indexes, and ER Modeler Property dialogs
    • Full support for database views

Aqua Data Studio improves productivity for Database Developers, DBAs, and Analysts. It allows you to develop, access, manage, and visually analyze data. Whether you are working with relational, NoSQL or cloud databases, your data is easily and quickly accessible with Aqua Data Studio. It supports all major database vendors, works on all major operating systems and is localized to 9 languages.

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