How did a healthcare company in South Africa fix a slow and erratic SQL Server?

by Nov 6, 2020

An IT company that deals with the healthcare industry in South Africa develop a variety of software products, which cover a wide range of services. One of the products uses SQL Server, which services a large client base. Clients connect using web services and data is processed within SQL Server. This means that they require a responsive, dependable and serviceable base.

About a year ago, their lead developer started looking for a resolution of a blocking issue on our production server. They started having slow-downs on the server. It was not anything that he could put his finger on as it was a random event. Usually, it had already passed when it was noticed and he had been alerted. It was frustrating and annoying and he knew that I needed to get help. Then, their server started behaving erratically. Queries were literally piling up and blocking was a major issue.

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