How do I connect to PostgreSQL using SSL and my personally created certificate

by Nov 4, 2011

I want to connect to my PostgreSQL server using SSL. I’ve created a certificate on my PostgreSQL server, but I can’t configure Aqua Data Studio to connect to it using SSL. How do I configure my connection?


Niels Gron over 11 years ago
In your Server Registration dialog, in the Driver tab you can enter the parameter value of :


This will tell the driver to enable SSL and to use the NonValidatingFactory. The documentation for the NonValidatingFactory is :

“Provide a SSLSocketFactory that allows SSL connections to be made without validating the server’s certificate. This is more convenient for some applications, but is less secure as it allows “man in the middle” attacks.”

Do note that the “ssl” and the “sslfactory” options are separated by “;” and not “&”.