How to comprehensively manage SQL Servers on-premise and in the cloud

by Aug 28, 2018

The volume, velocity, and variety of data is ever-increasing. At the same time, data is becoming ever more critical to the growth of organizations. Data is also becoming ever more difficult to manage across on-premise and cloud platforms. All these developments have made the role of database administrators complex and continually evolving. The daily tasks for database maintenance and upkeep have not diminished.

To effectively manage SQL Servers, database administrators need reliable, real-time information on the status, health, and security of their databases. Database administrators also need to minimize the time and effort spent on these routine operations and maintenance of the databases across their organization. To solve this challenge, database administrators need access to powerful tools to manage SQL Servers. These tools need to include performance monitoring, compliance and security, and disaster recovery.


  • Identify inefficient and poor-performing SQL queries, batches, and statements.
  • Improve the visibility into the overall health and availability of databases.
  • Identify database-related application performance issues.
  • Find and fix performance issues with tuning advice from seasoned experts.
  • Accelerate and automate corrective response actions to performance problems.
  • Generate performance reports to satisfy service-level agreements within the organization.
  • Improve database performance via automated index defragmentation.
  • Defragment worst fragmented indexes fast with minimal server impact.

Compliance and Security

  • Monitor and alert on server user activities, and data and schema changes.
  • Reduce unauthorized usage of service accounts by identifying users and logging.
  • Provide database audit reports to internal and external auditors quickly.
  • Get notifications of suspicious activities, and access and changes to sensitive data.
  • Demonstrate compliance with regulations.
  • See who did what, when, where, and how with restricted content.
  • Understand who has access to what and identify the effective rights of each user.
  • Identify top security vulnerabilities in databases and servers via a scorecard.

Disaster Recovery

  • Reduce backup file size and execution time.
  • Automate backup policies across a multitude of databases.
  • Expedite data recovery without impacting end-user access.
  • Protect backup data via advanced encryption.
  • Integrate backups with enterprise storage.
  • Reduce backup and restore failures due to temporary network problems.
  • Backup and restore to and from cloud storage solutions.

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