How to configure alert actions and responses with SQL Diagnostic Manager for SQL Server

by Feb 20, 2020

One of the more innovative components in SQL Diagnostic Manager is the alert actions and responses. This is the part of SQL Diagnostic Manager that allows you to configure rules to react to conditions on your managed servers. These rules can be as simple as sending out email notifications when a problem occurs. Or they can perform complex reactions to mitigate issues when they happen by executing T-SQL commands or running PowerShell commands or running SQL Server agent jobs.

You can have as many alert rules as you like for your environment. And they can do anything from the action providers tab. So in response to any condition or change in a condition on any of your SQL instances, you can run a variety of different action providers starting from sending out email notifications. So if a server changes status and goes down or it is not responsive, send out email notifications to your help desk. But you can also run lots of other different options.

Watch the 8-minute video “Configuring Alert Actions and Responses with SQL Diagnostic Manager for SQL Server to learn how to automatically respond to alert situations by executing alert actions and responses with SQL Diagnostic Manager for SQL Server.

SQL Diagnostic Manager for SQL Server is a monitor and advisor tool for SQL Server. It provides database and system administrators with the right metrics to manage and optimize applications during development and production. It provides the tools to manage many SQL Server servers, to tune the database infrastructure, and to aid in finding and fixing problems with database applications before they develop into more serious issues or costly outages.

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