How to monitor the performance of Galera Clusters

by Feb 13, 2020

There are several ways to deploy and maintain a Galera Cluster for the MySQL environment. SQL Diagnostic Manager for MySQL can help with each of them. Three main areas for using SQL Diagnostic Manager for MySQL to monitor Galera Cluster are (1) preparation for deployment, (2) monitoring an active cluster, and (3) problem resolution.

SQL Diagnostic Manager for MySQL is an Idera, Inc. tool to monitor MySQL and MariaDB databases. It is a low-overhead, low-maintenance tool that is easy to install and easy to use. It is a powerful and flexible tool that helps pinpoint the instances, databases, tables, and other activity in the environment that needs attention. Idera, Inc. has customers that are monitoring up to 1,200 instances with SQL Diagnostic Manager for MySQL. SQL Diagnostic Manager for MySQL monitors and reports on activity is agentless, works on-premises, is up and running in 2 minutes, and monitors on-premises and cloud instances.

Read the 13-page solution brief “How to Monitor the Performance of Galera Clusters to learn how to monitor Galera Clusters with IDERA SQL Diagnostic Manager. This includes which databases it supports, its architecture, how to install it on Windows and Linux, and how to set it up for monitoring.

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For SQL Diagnostic Manager for MySQL, view its product page, download a free, fully functional, 14-day trial, request a product demonstration, and request a price quotation.

IDERA SQL Diagnostic Manager for MySQL