IDERA – DBTA’s 2022 Trend Setting Products

by Jan 7, 2022

We are excited to announce that the IDERA portfolio of database tools has been identified as a 2022 Trend Setting Products by Database Trends and Applications.  From their executive team, “The world is changing rapidly, and so are enterprise data requirements. Whether it is anticipating supply chain problems, addressing customer concerns with agility, or identifying new opportunities and pouncing quickly, the ability to achieve a comprehensive view of all available information for real-time decision making has become a strong requirement,” said Thomas Hogan, Group Publisher of Database Trends and Applications. “That is why it is more important than ever to identify products and services that help to deliver results.  This list, “The ‘DBTA Trend-Setting Products for 2022,’ focuses on products that represent a commitment to innovation and provide organizations with tools to address rapidly evolving market requirements.”

Access to data is essential, but the quality of that data is a critical foundation to data-driven success. While new ways to use information are emerging, the ultimate value of initiatives such as AI, machine learning, and edge computing depends on the quality of data they leverage. Data quality ranks at, or near, the top of enterprise priorities, and 87% see it as “important” to “somewhat of a priority,” with half citing it as their “top priority,” according Unisphere Research (“Building a Culture of Trust in a Competitive Economy: 2021 Survey on Data Quality”).

To help make the process of identifying useful products and services easier, each year, DBTA presents a list of Trend-Setting Products. These products, platforms, and services range from long-established offerings that are evolving to meet the needs of their loyal constituents to breakthrough technologies that may only be in the early stages of adoption. However, the common element for all is that they represent a commitment to innovation and seek to provide organizations with tools to address changing market requirements.

Beyond the list presented on the following pages, we encourage you to continue your exploration of these products by visiting the companies’ websites for more information. In addition, in this issue, we include Product Spotlight articles penned by company executives that highlight the features that make their products unique.

Learn more about IDERA's innovative products for databases here.