Listing Process Owners

by Jul 8, 2011

In a previous tip, you learned that there is a hidden host process named wsmprovhost.exe whenever someone else visits your computer using PowerShell remoting. Provided you have local admin rights, this piece of code creates a new function called Get-PSRemotingVisitor  which lists who is actually running PowerShell remoting sessions on your machine and since when:

function Get-PSRemotingVisitor($computername='localhost') {
gwmi Win32_Process -Filter 'Name="wsmprovhost.exe"' -computername $computername | 
  Foreach-Object { 
    $o = $_.GetOwner()
    $o=$o.Domain + "\" + $o.User
    $obj = $_ |  Select-Object Name, CreationDate, Owner
    $obj.Owner = $o
    $obj.CreationDate = $_.ConvertToDateTime($_.CreationDate)


You can even run this command against remote systems (provided you have sufficient access rights).


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