Manage InterBase More Effectively with Aqua Data Studio

by Nov 22, 2019

InterBase is an embeddable Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) that has many distinctive characteristics. This post will take a look at the features of InterBase, why you should consider using it, and how Aqua Data Studio can improve the management of this database platform.

An Overview of InterBase

An embedded database is used to build database management solutions directly into an application. The elimination of a standalone DBMS solution hides the management tools from the end-user. Embedded databases include solutions that run on mobile devices and can also be used for presenting stored data like gaming statistics. Tools designed for specific markets such as tax preparation software also often employ embedded databases.

InterBase offers a wealth of features that make it an excellent choice when in need of an embedded database. Some of its highlights include:

SQL compliance – InterBase is an SQL Standards compliant database and strictly follows industry guidelines. It provides full Unicode support and can be used with any character set.

Multi-platform support – The database solution is certified to run on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, iOS, and Android systems. It is designed to make it easy to develop on one platform and deploy the result to any platform. A single on-disk data format facilitates cross-platform interoperability.

Cross-platform data encryption – Weak DES and strong AES 256-bit encryption are supported for data traveling over a network and at rest.

Speed and minimal footprint – InterBase provides fast operations by leveraging multi-core CPUs and multi-CPU systems. Its small footprint and memory requirements make it a great solution for mobile devices that require a commercial-grade embedded database.

Disaster recovery capabilities – Performing live backups and incremental data dumps are available to protect your valuable data. Multi-threaded restores and point in time recovery enable you to recover from unforeseen circumstances.

These are just some of the features that InterBase brings to your embedded database projects.

How Aqua Data Studio Helps Manage InterBase

InterBase was added to the large portfolio of databases supported by Aqua Data Studio in May of 2019. It affords those working with InterBase a mature and flexible platform for database development and for performing visual analytics. For those DBAs and developers working in multi-platform environments, the unified interface streamlines activities and drives productivity gains.

Aqua Data Studio can be run on Windows, Mac or Linux machines for maximum flexibility. The application complements and extends the functionality of IBConsole with the addition of its own extensive feature set. Here are some of the features that make it easier to work with InterBase.

  • Server and database registration allows the user to customize connections in many ways to aid in productivity. When registering an InterBase instance in Aqua Data Studio the connection can be color-coded to assist in maintaining consistency while working with the database. For example, coding a database red to indicate a production system will alert you when making updates. Registration properties allow you to control how the database opens and which filters are in effect for the session. Shared connection files can be created to facilitate use by team members. These features are customizable to suit the preferences of individual users.

  • A clickable database navigator and explorer enables you to quickly open connections and access objects from the tree structure created during server registration. You can query and modify tables, perform exports, and many other functions with the context-sensitive options available in the database tree. A table editor makes it easy to perform on-the-fly changes to your data.

  • Aqua Data Studio provides the ability to load visual analytics directly from a results grid to quickly display data in a graphical and more understandable format. Aqua Data Studio’s visual analytic workbook lets you drag and click on objects to create different graphs or visualizations.

  • The visual query builder eliminates the need to focus on syntax with its drag and drop functionality. Easily build queries based on the data contained in your InterBase database.

  • Entity-relationship diagrams allow you to reverse engineer a database and see how the data is used within the system. The information contained in the diagrams can be exported for use in other tools such as IDERA’s ER/Studio.

  • The database tree also enables developers to quickly and easily create scripts using several different methods. You can organize your scripts for increased productivity.

  • Project tabs enable developers to organize AquaScripts, server connections, and user files that can be exported and shared with other users. Source control can also be enforced to allow teams to ensure the integrity of their code.

An instructive video is available from IDERA that illustrates the ways Aqua Data Studio assists in managing InterBase. It demonstrates how to perform various processes using the IDE with screenshots and examples. If your team uses InterBase and has not yet found how Aqua Data Studio can streamline your development efforts, it is strongly recommended that you take a look at this video. It just may change the way you work and get your projects finished on time.