Meet security benchmarks and compliance with SQL Server

by Jun 6, 2022

In the current IT landscape, we face meeting an ever-increasing number of laws, regulations, and industry standards. The good news is that most of these different requirements overlap with each other and we can configure our SQL Servers in accordance.

Watch the educational Geek Sync webinar “Meeting Security Benchmarks and Compliance with Microsoft SQL Server with K. Brian Kelley to learn more about the standard configuration settings you should set in your environments. Also, explore what you will audit for in order to meet all of your compliance criteria. We will start with the recommended security “good” practices for managing identity and permissions. From there we will move on how to audit SQL Server, both with security changes and actual activity. There may be specific items you need to account for and we will walk through how to set those up within SQL Server. At the end, we will discuss what it would take to deploy this across your entire environment, especially using the functionality provided out of the box by Microsoft and with tools like PowerShell.

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